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CV english Elileia Olivas

Elizabeth  González Olivas

I am a professional actress, dancer, aerialist and stunt performer as well as having modelled for major brands in Spain with national campaigns. Over the past 12 years I have had the opportunity to hone and refine my training, working in theatre, film and TV as an actress as well as touring the world as an acrobat and aerial performer. I have had many roles in film and television, in front and behind the camera including; lead actress, supporting actress, stunt double, stand-in, AD, make-up, art department. I also write and produce plays. I am currently working on a play about Frida Khalo due to open in Seville later this year.

 2013-2014: Masters Physical Acting, and investigation laboratory for Drama Atalaya Teatro contro de investigación teatral TNT, Sevilla. Spain.
2007: class/year: Musical acting degree at “ESAD- Murcia” (Murcia School of Dramatic Art). Murcia, Spain.
2005-2012: Circus, Aerial and physical Acting.
2004-2005: Stunt Double, Combat, and Special Acting, Angel Plana School. Madrid. Spain 2002~2004: Pre-primary education.
1999-2001: Health Care Assistant/Nursing auxiliary.

 2004: Introduction to aerial silk. “Tarumba” company (Peruvian Circus). March/July
2005: The Circus: basic acrobatics, juggling, flexibility and aerial acrobatics. Elda Center. Sept/Dec 2005: Balance techniques, “Carampa” Circus school (Madrid). Aerial techniques, “Charivari” Cuban Circus school. Specialist Techniques in falling and fighting “Ángel Plana” school (Madrid). GYMNASTICS:
 January-2002: “Ludic implementation in Physical Education” Vocational training course imparted by "TREFOR"(fundació de treball y formació) and "RENOVA "(movimiento de renovación pedagógica) Elche City, Alicante, Spain. (30 hour course). DANCE:
October-2003: Contemporary Dance at the University of Alicante (Spain) for a trimester. April/ July-2005: Introduction to flamenco. Elda city Youth Centre.
Oct./Nov.-2005: Introduction to tap dance, 20 hour course. (Madrid). March-2006: Afro-Cuban Dance at “Sarabanda” company (Elche-Cuba, Spain).
January/March 2007: “Dances of the World”, “Miriam Blasco” Sports Centre. DRAMA: August-2002: workshop: “Creation from the actor/ the use of the object”, Jerónimo Arenal (“Atalaya” Theatre company) Santa Pola, Spain.
October-2002: workshop: "Masks" Damián Corona, Mexican - "ELCHE THEATRE PLATFORM "(20 HOURS) November-2002: Workshop : “Classical Graeco Latin Theatre".
November-2002: “Storytelling/Oral Narration”.(60 hour course) University of Alicante, Spain. March- 2004: “The work of the body/Grothoski” - Silvia Mota ( Escart dramático, Rio de Janeiro) Casona de San Marcos(Spanish Culture Club).
April-2005: “Induction to Medieval and Renaissance fencing”. Master Enzo Querubino. “El círculo la flecha” fencing school. Elche, Spain (35 hour course).
May-2005: Workshop: “Clowning: techniques and emotions”. “Cheche. Payaso hospital”. (15 hour workshop).
Sep-2005: Regular and intensive workshop in “Specialists school” Ángel Plana. Madrid Sep-2005: Regular circus workshop, in “Charivari”. Madrid
Sep-2005: Regular circus workshop in “Carampa”. Madrid.
Oct. 2005: Joint workshop given out by Isabel Úbeda and “Ferroviaria de Teatro”, in Ceutí (Murcia, Spain).
2006: workshop: “Physical Theatre of the actor” by Aurora from the “Atalaya Teatro”.
May-2007: “Physical work and the voice” by Sonja Khéller (Germany) and “La Ferroviaria teatro”. October- 2007: “Creation from within the actor”. Isabel Úbeda (Denmark).

 Photography, circus, theatre, entertainment, cinema, fashion and teaching: I currently work freelance for producers and companies by selling my acts and creative experience. I also collaborate in performances for diverse production companies: “colour shows”, “espectáculos Molina”, “Medieval Castel”, “Doñat Ardit”, “Angel Plana, Voala Project, “Mago Charly”, “Teatro del Trapo”.

I am specialised in juggling, fire, fire dance, aerial acrobatics, acting and dancing.


Elizabeth Gonzalez Olivas: Elileia Olivas

Actriz y acróbata, licenciada en arte dramático por la ESAD de  Murcia y multidisciplinar artista de teatro físico y Drama.
Largo recorrido con diversas compañías de caracter nacional e internacional como Voala Project.
Escritora y dramaturga Novel.
Amaneció en las diferentes artes contemporáneas de la escena, en mayo del 1999... y se mantiene flotando desde entonces en varias ramas de la cultura teatral.

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